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What Do I Cover Next?

I’ve begun to receive inquiries from national news producers on most of the options in this survey. As such, I have some of our best PIs spending the weekend at my house this weekend applying some “fit and finish” to the most popular options. Please hurry up and cast your vote to help us decide on which to focus. Note - this is just the initial list. As we cover a particular item, I’ll be sure to replace it with another from our very very long backlog of potential topics.

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Anchorage Capital Goddam

Since I am not receiving requests for my side of this from any of the outlets who thoughtlessly republish Anchorage's ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit taking allegations from it verbatim and citing as fact, this post can serve as my first official comment on the matter. There will be more to come where I delve into the specifics as I can get to it.

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