Danny Boice here. I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Trustify. Below is my suggestions for anyone shopping for that Entrepreneur or Executive who seems to have everything:

Imagery Winery Artists Collection Club

Courtesy Imagery Winery Artists Collection Club

Raising money is hard, particularly during a Series Seed round of funding. Help your favorite bro-techer take a load off and give him the gift of Sonoma’s finest straight to his mailbox. The imagery Winery Artistry Series Club delivers three bottles four times a year and a membership includes a complimentary wine tasting for four at the Imagery Estate Winery and Benziger Family Winery. With names like Inspiration, Vision, Creation and Interpretation, these bottles are also great conversation starters for your next dinner with an investor.

$146.25 per shipment, no fee to join ,

Casker’s Whiskey Club

Courtesy Caskers Whiskey Club

For anyone who has made it beyond his Series Seed round and is now in the midst of a Series A, a stiff drink is long over due. Don’t waste time with the cheap hobo juice you drank in college, get your bro a real man’s whiskey. Casker’s Whiskey Club is a premium gift that says, “100%Winning” and it comes in three categories: Explorer, Enthusiast and Connoisseur.

Packages start at $159.99 a year for three bottles,

Eleven James Watch Subscription

Courtesy Eleven James Watch Subscription

Don’t let your bro be the guy who pulls his phone out during a meeting to check the time. While you’ll probably have to wait until you exit to actually buy that Hublot, the Eleven James subscription is the perfect way to achieve a timeless look without empting your savings account. You simply pay a monthly fee, and they'll send you a new luxury watch to rock and then return every few months.  It's like Rent the Runway for brotech.

Memberships start at $149,


Courtesy DUFL

Startup bros spend a lot of time on the road and they need to travel light, while still dressing to impress. Enter DUFL, the travel concierge you never knew you needed. This service gives you a suitcase to fill and store at DUFL, where they maintain a virtual closet for you. When you travel, DUFL delivers the suitcase to your hotel and picks up when you’re done. DUFL does your laundry, dry cleaning, and expertly repacks your suitcase so that it’s ready for your next trip. DUFL allows you to focus on business, not the logistics of your trip.

$9.95 a month for a virtual closet, $99 per trip,

This is Ground

Courtesy This is Ground

A tangle of cords is bad business and makes you look sloppy. Get your act together with the handmade leather cord and device management from LA based manufacturer This is the Ground. These products are designed and produced in Downtown Los Angeles, and they are great for organizing all of your cords and chargers no matter what bag you use.

Cord Tacos start at $12,

Tentree Canopy Hoodie

Courtesy Tentree

Brotechers get cold sitting in their open office spaces, so a hoodie is a must. Do the planet a solid and buy your next hoodie from Tentree, who plants 10 trees for every item they sell. No regrets, bro.

Hoodies start at $59.99,

Steve McQueen Special Edition Persol Sunglasses

Courtesy Persol

Let's face it. We all secretly want to be Steve McQueen. While the original Persol 714 sunglasses worn by the King of Cool in the Thomas Crowne Affair sold for more than $70,000 at auction, now admirers can buy a pair of Steve McQueen Special Edition Persols for about $400. With these shades, you’re just one dune buggy ride away from perfection.

Nisolo Shoes

Courtesy Nisolo

Treat your feet to the buttery leather and fine craftsmanship of Nisolo shoes. Unlike many of the people who work in sweatshops around the world, Nisolo’s shoemakers in Peru are treated like the artists that they are and are paid accordingly. Your feet and your heart will feel good with this purchase.

Chavito Chukka Boot $148,

Better Business Connections

Tech leaders want to succeed, so give them a beta invite to Boardlist which helps startups find qualified and experienced women applicants for their board. It’s no secret that Tech suffers from a lack of female leadership. Only 18 percent of board seats among tech companies in the S&P 500 are held by women, with less than 7 percent of board leadership roles filled by women. Hiring women is not just about rectifying a gender imbalance. It’s about improving your bottom line. Get started with a beta invite to Boardlist which helps startups find qualified and experienced women applicants for their board.

Invite Only. Request an invite at

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